We introduce common questions and ansewrs.
≪Question≫Clothes don't fit to my dog

≪Answer≫You need to modify patterns as evry dog has different shape. If you are registered our membership, you can learn basic way to modify patterns.

≪Question≫Can I have paper patterns?

≪Answer≫You can buy paper patterns from Rakuten online store. It will be deliverd with EMS. Please check the link blow. https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/ytknetshop/

≪Question≫Can I have more details for sewing manual?

≪Answer≫Please contact us where you need more details. We have videos and introductions for further details, please check below. 解らない工程をご連絡下さい。参考になる動画や製作方法を案内したページがございますので以下をご覧下さい。

≪Question≫I lost pattern data, cam I have it again?

≪Answer≫We're sorry but we can't send it again, unless you'd never received the data and it's within 15 days after purchase.

≪Question≫Can I return the pattern? Can I get refund?

≪Answer≫Sorry we aren't accepting refund and return. Please check your orders and ask about products before you purchase.

≪Question≫Which format the pattern data will be sent?

≪Answer≫Pattern data format will be PDF only.

≪Question≫Can I sell clothes I made using your patterns?

≪Answer≫Yes, you can.

≪Question≫Pattern data is broken. I can't open the data

≪Answer≫We will send you new pattern data, please check data if it's broken or something is wrong soon as you recieve them.

≪Question≫Do you have more pattern designs?

≪Answer≫Yes, we have more than 10,000 patterns on Japanese online store. We will add more patterns with English as many as possible, please contact us if you found product you want on Japanese site, we will add on global site.