Measuring / Size Guide

For neck size (Japanese 首回り)
Wrap the measuring tape around the neck, while keeping the head leveled to the ground, adjust the measuring tape to where the collar would normally sit. This will be your pets neck size.

For chest size (Japanese 胴回り)
Wrap the measuring tape around the chest and adjust it to be just behind the front legs and below the shoulder blades. This is your pets chest size.

For length (Japanese 着丈)
With the dog standing measure from the top of the shoulder blades to the start of the tail. This is your pets length.

Size Check

Choosing size of dog clothing pattern is little difficult, because dog clothes need to fitted well. >>refer to "How to choose clothing pattern"

If you wish to get advice about choosing right size, post the picture of your dog wearing clothes you made with #celebdogworldsize on instagram. We will advise you.