About sewing

The combination of straight stitch and zigzag sewing is called sew.You can make clothes using by home sewing machine or industrial sewing machines.

How to cut frise ribs knit

Cut the knit perpendicular to this.
If you cut 5cm(1.9inch) width of rib,when finished, it will be 1.5cm(0.59inch) wide.

≪For example≫
to make 1.5cm(0.59inch) rib width , use 5cm(1.9inch) frise rib knit
to make 2cm(0.78inch) rib width, use 6cm(2.36inch) frise rib knit
to make 3cm(1.18inch) rib width, use 8cm(3.14inch) frise rib knit
to make 4cm(1.57inch) rib width, use 10cm(3.93inch) frise rib knit

How to sew frise ribs knit

There're no clothing pattern for frise rib knit in our products.You can change the length, width and material of frise rib knit by your preferences.

There're many kind of frise rib knits.

How to decide of the length of frise ribs knit

Cut frise rib 60% to 90% of length you need. length is depending on fabric's elasticity.It's better to baste before you sew.

How to sew wrap the edge of the fabric of fabric

How to sew wrap the edge of the fabric with fabric is called piping sewing.This sewing is also common.You'll need an attachment tool for piping.

Videos of some tips