We have a lot of products of different sizes.So we advice you how to choose dog clothes pattern.

The point to choose the clothing pattern is the size around the chest and type of dog breed.
The best way to choose a clothing pattern is to choose the size around the chest that close to the dog's nude size plus allowance.

When you make clothes using knit,It is necessary to add a little allowance.
When you make clothes using fabric,It is necessary to add more allowance than using knit.
If the size of your dog's around the chest is 15.5inch,you'd better choose a clothing pattern of the size that is 40cm.
The amount of allowance changes with the thickness of the fabric.
If you want to make an jacket or coat, you need more allowance.

Dog breed

You can find most of dog breeds clothing pattern on our website. The following are the main breeds of dogs.

BASIC BODY From small dogs to huge dogs.Small dogs are like chiwawa,toypoodle etc
Italian Greyhound&Whippet
French bulldog Pug is also the same silhouette
Miniature Pinscher
German Pinscher
Chinese crested

Even if it is not listed here, you can use clothing pattern if the figure is the same.
If you don't know which category your dog will be, please contact us with your dog's size and breed.Also,you want the design of clothing.

In addition, you can choose a long or short length.
And you can make perfect clothes if you can modify the clothing pattern to your dog size.

You need to have skill to modify patterns, because each dog has different length, chest and neck size even if they're same breed. when you register for membership you can learn skills to modify pattern size.